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Jewelry, Watches, Coins, Sterling Silver, Gold & Diamonds, Antiques, Antiquities & Fine Art

Collectibles, Historical, Important, Rare & Unique Items, Objects & Treasures Of Value

Designer Jewelry, Handbags & Totes, Luxury Watches, Eyewear & Accessories

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Do You Have Treasures Hiding In Your Home?

"The Answer Is Likely Yes" - Did You Know These

Treasures Could Be Worth $100's If Not $1000's?

At BNG TREASURES We Are Always Hunting & Buying Fresh, New Inventory For Our

Retail & Re-Sale Collections. We Offer "FREE" Verbal Appraisals, No-Obligation Offers & Top Dollar

For Your Treasures, Collections, Heirlooms & Valuables. We Make Free House Calls, We Come To You.

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For Rare & Unique Items, Objects Of Art & Treasures Of Value

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Any & All Items, Objects & Treasures Of  Value, Even Questionable Items For Free

We Buy Estates, Sell Estates, Collections, Heirlooms, Valuables
  • Antiques, All Periods & Styles (Victorian, Art Deco, Mid-Century)

  • Antique, Estate, New & Fine Pre-Owned Jewelry

  • Antique Pocket Watches (Working Or Not)

  • Ancient Antiquities (Egyptian, Roman, Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican & More)

  • Architectural Rarities & Salvage

  • Aeronautical Collectibles & Flight Related

  • Aerospace, Astrological Collectibles & Space Related Collectibles

  • Asian Antiques & Antiquities (Jewelry, Jade, Ivory, Porcelain, Fine Arts)

  • Autographs, Sports, Entertainment Figures, Presidential & More

  • Automobiles (American, European & Japanese Vintage, Classic, Sports & Luxury)

  • Canes & Walking Sticks

  • Civil War Collectibles, Artifacts & Relics (Guns, Cannon, Flags, ect)

  • Collectibles  (Autographs, Historical Memorabilia, Bronzes, Figurines, Swords)

  • Coins, Coin Collections, Tokens & Currency (U.S. , World &  Foreign)

  • Treasure Coins, Shipwreck, Cobs, Silver & Gold

  • Certified & Slabbed Coins (PCGS, NGC & All Grading Services)

  • Coin Jewelry (Authentic Shipwreck, World & U.S. Coins)

  • ​Costume, Boutique & Fashion Jewelry (Vintage & Designer Signed)

  • Decorative Arts (Bronzes, Statues,  Busts, Cameo Art Glass, Pottery, Silver)

  • Designer Jewelry & Luxury Watches (Tiffany & Co., Rolex & More)

  • Designer Handbags & Luxury Accessories (Gucci, Chanel & More)

  • Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry (Gemstones & Pearls)

  • Fine Art, Paintings, Photography, Sculptures

  • Fountain Pens & Writing Instruments

  • Guitars, Antique Violins & Musical Instruments

  • Knives, Swords, Blades, Arms & Armor

  • Guns, Muskets, Rifles, Handguns, Pistols, Cannon 

  • Historical, Important. Rare & Unique (Items & Objects d' Art)

  • Jewelry (Silver, Gold, Platinum &  Diamond - Vintage Costume) 

  • Lamps, Lighting & Vintage Fixtures & Decor

  • Luxury Watches & Designer Jewelry (Rolex, Gucci, Tiffany & Co.)

  • Militaria, Arms & Armor (All Wars, Medals, Weapons, Flags, ect.)

  • Maps, Atlases & Globes (Continental, Oceanic, Celestial & More)

  • Native American Items (Jewelry, Clothing, Weapons, Art & More)

  • Nautical, Maritime & Marine (Collectibles, Salvage & Related)

  • One-Of-A-Kind Finds (Rare & Unique, Items, Artifacts & Relics)

  • Pocket Watches & Vintage Wrist Watches (Working Or Not)

  • Precious Metals, Scrap Gold & Bullion - (Silver, Gold & Plat.)

  • Shipwreck & Buried Treasures (Artifacts & Relics)

  • Sterling Silver & Silver Vertu (Jewelry, Silverware, Tea Sets, ect.)

  • Vintage Costume Jewelry

WANTED! - We Are Always Buying!

Fine Estates & Treasures, Collections, Heirlooms, Personal Valuables, Accumulations & One-Of-A-Kind-Items, Objects & Treasures Of Value, Items Such As Antique, Vintage, Estate, New & Fine Pre-Owned Jewelry, Silver, Gold & Diamond Jewelry, Vintage Costume Jewelry, Designer Signed Jewelry, Antique Pocket Watches, Vintage Wrist Watches, Luxury Watches & Fine Modern Timepieces, Coins, Coin Collections, Currency, Bank Notes, Tokens & Medals, Sterling Silver Flatware, Silverware, Tea Sets & Jewelry, Precious Metals, Scrap Gold & Bullion, Fine Silver, Gold & Platinum, Coins, Bars, Ingots & Nuggets, Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry, Gemstones & Pearls, Mid-Century Modern & Period Antiques, Ancient Antiquities, Decorative & Fine Art, Historical, Important, Rare & Unique One-Of-A-Kind-Finds, Collectibles, Artifacts & Relics, Shipwreck & Buried Treasures, Objects Of Art & Many Other

Ancient, Antique, Vintage, Modern, New & Pre-Owned, Items, Objects & Treasures Of Value.



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We Offer Free Verbal Appraisals - Free Evaluations & Honest, Fair No Obligation Cash Offers

We Work Private, Discrete & By Appointment Only!

Bring Your Items In Or We Come To You, We Make Free House Calls, Office Visits & Bank Visits

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About Us - Our Mission, Our Story, Our History


Our Mission Is To Search, Seek, Discover, Recover, Buy, Sell, Trade & Appraise

Fine Estate Treasures, Collections, Heirlooms, Personal Valuables, Accumulations, Objects Of Art

& Many Other Ancient, Antique, Historical, Important, Rare & Unique One-Of-A-Kind

Items, Objects & Treasures Of Value, Our Policy Of Honest, Fair Golden Rule Dealings,

Integrity & Reliability, Is How We Set "THE GOLD" Standard In Our Industry.

BNG TREASURES Is The Best-Kept Secret Among Treasure-Seekers, Buyers, Sellers, Traders & Collectors

Alike. We Offer Clients Access To High Quality Estate Treasures & Rare Unique One-Of-A-Kind Items 

That Have Been In Private Collections, Lost & Or Hidden Away For Years, Decades, Even Centuries.

Based Out Of  Clearwater, Florida. - We Are The Tampa Bay Areas #1 Treasure Hunter, Estate Buyer,

Broker & Appraisal Experts Of Fine Estate Treasures, Collections, Heirlooms, Personal Valuables,

Accumulations & One-Of-A-Kind Items, Objects & Treasures Of Value.